#2 Rotterdam Soos Podcast: ode aan de Hef

On October 23, we celebrated the 95th anniversary of the Rotterdam Koningshaven Bridge, better known as the Hef, at the Rotterdam Soos.

In the presence of many Rotterdammers who pay tribute to the ‘Old Lady’ Dore van Duivenbode talked to actress Loes Luca, Sjors Ribeiro who knows everything about the bridge and also does the maintenance, entrepreneur/activist Michel Scholte and viola player Ursula Skaug.

The reason for the Soos was the commotion that arose in the spring of 2022 when it was announced that the Hef would be partially dismantled for the yacht of one of the richest moons in the world Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

A petition against the passage was signed by more than 70,000 people, the Hef was just as big world news when the New York Times reported about it and Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted about it.

It was a great afternoon, with pros and cons, beautiful urban poetry by Loes Luca and the screening of the 1928 masterpiece ‘De Brug’ by the famous filmmaker Joris Ivens. The film was accompanied by the young viola player Ursula Skaug.

This podcast is a report on this memorable Rotterdam Soos.

Tip for film/music lovers: you can of course listen to Ursula's music without images. But it is of course better to look up the online version and run it at the same time as the podcast. Ursula starts playing at 44.45. A little homework, but that can't hurt, for the most beautiful bridge in the country!

The film can be viewed via the link https://archive.org/details/DeBrug


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