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Prior to your visit, we have useful information and tips to ensure your experience runs smoothly. Discover everything you need to know here, from the entrance time to additional facilities that will enhance your visit with us

 practical information

start and end time

Two days before the concert takes place you will receive a servicemail with all the details. It will include the time the event starts and ends, and whether there is an intermission.


Keep your digital ticket ready so everyone can enter a bit faster during busy times, which is great for everyone! Your ticket specifies which entrance you should use for your concert.



De Doelen is located in the heart of Rotterdam, within walking distance (400 meters) of Rotterdam Central Station, trams, metros and bus stops. There are several parking garages around the Doelen. This way you can easily find your way to our concert hall and conference center.

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In de Doelen, the cloakrooms for the Grote Zaal, Jurriaanse Zaal and Willem Burger Zaal are downstairs in the lobby. For the Eduard Flipse Hall, the cloakroom is located to the left next to the entrance of the hall on the first floor.

There are no lockers in de Doelen, but you can leave large bags at the attended cloakroom.



Grote Zaal there are 2 elevators in the Grote Zaal lobby, one on the left and one on the right in the back of the lobby.
Jurriaanse Zaal access via the elevator in the Grote Zaal lobby on the left side.
Eduard Flipse Zaal access via the elevator in the Grote Zaal lobby on the right side.
Willem Burger Zaal access via the elevator in the Willem Burger Zaal lobby to the right of the entrance.

The elevators are spacious enough for a wheelchair.
Left Grote Zaal lobby elevator approximately 98 cm wide and max 132 cm deep.
Right Grote Zaal lobby elevator approximately 104 cm wide and 131 cm deep.


venue seating plan

If you buy tickets online you will only see a seating plan of the venue during the ordering process if the concert is assigned seating.

seating plans


mobile phones

During classical concerts, we kindly ask you not to make any recordings with your phone, to set your phone to silent, and to disable the vibration function. This helps the musicians to concentrate better. It is also important to prevent your phone screen from lighting up, as this can be disturbing for both the musicians and the other concert attendees.



If you arrive late, you will be allowed to enter the hall at the next available concert break, this will depend on the concert program. However, if there is no suitable moment for entry access will not be granted. Therefore, make sure you arrive on time.

If we know in advance that latecomers will not be admitted to the concert, we will mention this in the service email.


tickets & ticketverkoop


Ontdek alles wat je moet weten over het bestellen en betalen van tickets, servicekosten, cadeaukaarten en nog veel meer. Bij ons is het eenvoudig en veilig om tickets te kopen. Heb je vragen over onze ticketverkoop? Geen zorgen! We hebben alle antwoorden voor je klaarstaan. 



tickets annuleren of ruilen? 

Een deel van de programmering van de Doelen kan geruild worden voor een ander concert of tegoedbon. Wij brengen 5,- euro in rekening voor deze service en deze kosten worden verrekend met de tegoedbon of de ticketprijs van het andere concert.

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wheelchair and walker

All halls in the Doelen, except the Van Cappellen Hall, are accessible for wheelchairs and walkers. Each hall has plenty of spaces for wheelchairs. If you use a walker, you can bring it with you to the hall. During the concert, a staff member will store the walker in the hallway.

You can reserve wheelchair spaces through tickets & service from Monday to Friday from 2 to 6 PM at 0102171717, or send an email to

If you have difficulty walking and would like to use a wheelchair from de Doelen to access the hall, please send an email to and we will make sure one is available for you.


if you require any assistance for your concertvisit please contact We make sure that help is set up for you.
In the concert halls, there are hosts present at the doors. Please do not hesitate to ask for help, for example, if you need to get up or if you are experiencing too much sensory stimulation during the concert. Our hosts are here to assist you.



There are toilets on every floor at de Doelen. You can access the toilets on the second floor using the elevator.

The accessible toilets (miva) are located in various places:

  • Downstairs in the Grote Zaal lobby, to the right next to the elevator and on the second floor on the right side. 
  • In the Willem Burger quarter, there are accessible toilets downstairs in the lobby and upstairs on the third floor next to the entrance of the hall.


lactation room or quiet space

De Doelen provides a space for breastfeeding; you can reserve this room via Need a moment of quiet? Ask our staff about the quiet room.


XL seats Jurriaanse Zaal

The Jurriaanse Zaal contains 2 extra large aisle seats since the renovation. If you need a larger seat to sit more comfortably, please reserve an XL seat via

Seat dimensions:
The seat is 50 cm wide and 45 cm deep and the width between the armrests is 53 cm.


loop system

In the Grote, Jurriaanse, and Willem Burgerzaal, a loop system is available. If you have a hearing aid or cochlear implant, you can activate the T-switch to use it.

Some hearing aids may have poor contact with the loop system; our technician can assist you with that. Please make an appointment at least 1 week in advance via

loop system Grote Zaal    loop system Jurriaanse Zaal    loop system Willem Burger Zaal


light and sound

You can get earplugs at the bar, at concerts where sound is amplified, as indicated in the service email. You can find information on preventing hearing damage at amplified concerts on (only available in Dutch)

Strobes are rarely used at our concerts. If light flashes are used, we will mention this in the concert's service email.


assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are warmly welcomed! If you have an official assistance dog and you are attending the concert with your dog, please let us know. We will ensure that you and your dog are accommodated and guide you to your seat via a quiet route.


food, drinks and more

food and drink

Before your concert, you can order a drink at the bar in the foyer. For a more extensive selection of drinks and snacks, you can visit the Doelen Studio at the corner of Schouwburgplein and Kruisplein.



In Rotterdam, there are more than 90 hotels, so there is plenty of choice. Don't want to walk too far? Then we have two nice hotels for you.

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