Talent Break

in samenwerking met Codarts
  • Tue 13 Feb ’24
    doors open
    de Doelen

Led by Jamie Phillips the Codarts Symphony Orchestra is back in the Grote
Zaal of de Doelen for performing two fantastic pieces connected through one main characteristic:
program music. This is a type of instrumental music that offers the performer and audience an
extramusical narrative that lays underneath what is written in the score and shapes its imaginative
correlation with the music.
Schelomo is one of the most performed pieces between the cello soloists with orchestras: the
final work of Bloch’s Jewish Cycle, which is the Hebrew form of calling the king ‘Solomon’. The
work is inspired by the personality, character and figure of the king, wonderfully mixing Hebrew
harmonies, colors and sounds with a stunningly powerful symphonic language.
The other half of this great program will include Berlioz’s masterpiece Symphonie Fantastique H.
48 (1830). One of the most historically recognized orchestral works which, as a programmatic
symphony, is one of the most important pieces of the early Romantic period. The symphony tells
the story of a gifted artists that under drug-fueled hallucinations, taken in the depths of despair
because of his unanswered love for a woman. Berlioz himself provided his own preface and
program notes for each movement of the symphony.
A unique combination of two fantastic orchestral works which can’t be missed!