Nieuw Amsterdams Peil

Keten & Stompen: Andriessen and Schönberger 
  • Thu 25 Apr ’24
    Jurriaanse Zaal
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The program Keten & stompen is named after the book that Elmer Schönberger wrote about his 45-year-long friendship with Louis Andriessen. Two compositions form the heart of New Amsterdams Peil’s concert: Andriessen’s motion picture soundtrack for Golven, and Schönberger’s musical theatre piece Verhuisbericht. The performances of Golven and Verhuisbericht are alternated with more pieces by Andriessen, but also Bach, Poulenc, and Stravinsky, as well as fragments from Keten & stompen, read by Schönberger. There will also be a screening of the film Keizersgrachtshuffle, a poetic portrait of the house in which Andriessen spent most of his life.  
Nieuw Amsterdams Peil is a fearless band that no genre or style can deter. They focus on today’s music, be it in small ensembles, or in huge new musical theatre productions in which they collaborate with different disciplines.  


Andriessen Golven  | Schönberger Verhuisbericht  | Andriessen Tuin van Eros  | Bach/Stravinsky/Andriessen ‘Prelude in B minor’ from: Das wohltemperierte Klavier, BWV 869  | Poulenc Sonata for two clarinets | Stravinsky Trois pièces faciles  


Nieuw Amsterdams Peil | Eline van Esch, Marieke Franssen, Jana Machalett flute | Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer clarinet  | David Kweksilber (bass) clarinet  | Heleen Hulst & Emma Breedveld violin  | Elisabeth Smalt viola | Mick Stirling cello  | Astrid Haring harp  | Gerard Bouwhuis piano  | Elmer Schönberger text