Nicolas Altstaedt & Münchener Kammerorchester

Things have come full circle between Sjostakovitsj, Haydn and Schubert
  • Sat 11 Jan ’25
    Grote Zaal
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Nicolas Altstaedt has found the perfect partner in the Munich Chamber Orchestra. 

They're his partners in crime, with whom he can play and conduct, and with whom he has created an ingeniously interwoven programme. 
Sjostakovitsj's music seems to exist in a grey vacuum. Minor, major, angry, happy, sincere, ironic: it all seems to be the same. However, this does not make the music boring - on the contrary, it makes you unsure of the state you are in. The echo of Haydn can still be heard, hundreds of years later, in the form of music, but that is all. Haydn's music is not grey, it is black and white. Schubert was just as clear, but whereas with Haydn, you know where you are going in a few minutes, Schubert can turn left at any moment at full speed. And so, we come full circle back to Shostakovich. 

concert themes and series:


Sjostakovitsj cello concert nr. 1 | Haydn symfonie nr. 70 | Schubert symfonie nr. 4 


Münchener Kammerorchester | Nicolas Altstaedt cello, executive