frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to the frequently asked questions.


concert and venue information

entrance concert halls 

Great Hall (Grote Zaal): Schouwburgplein 50 
Juriaanse Hall: Kruisplein 30 
Willem Burger Hall: Kruisplein 40 
Eduard Flipse Hall: Karel Doormanstraat 223 

when will the doors open?

The doors of the Eduard Flipse, Willem Burger and Jurriaanse Hall (for pop, jazz and other genres) open at 8 p.m.

The doors of the Great Hall and the Jurriaanse Hall (for classical performances) open at 7.30 pm.

Can I enter the room if I'm late?

If you arrive after the concert has started, you will be given the opportunity to enter when there is a moment of applause. No access will be granted at concerts where there is no suitable time to enter the hall. Please be on time.

I am unable to attend, what now?

Don't panic! You can exchange your tickets for most concerts up to 2 days before the start of a concert. You can read the conditions here. You can usually exchange the tickets for another concert or a voucher.

De Doelen reserves the right to exclude certain concerts from the exchange policy during the season. Concerts organized by third parties are excluded from the exchange policy, these concerts can be found here.

when can I clap during classical concerts?

At classical concerts people usually applaud when all parts of a piece of music have been played. Not sure when a piece of music is over? Then just to be sure, wait until the rest of the room starts clapping.

Are there dress codes?

There are no dress codes, unless stated otherwise by the organization of the event/concert.

what is the minimum age for concerts?

For independent visits to events (without supervision of an adult), we use a minimum recommended age of 14 (unless stated otherwise on the event page).

No alcoholic beverages are provided to visitors under the age of 18.

Visitors under the age of 18 will not be admitted after 11 p.m. (unless otherwise stated on the event page).

For visiting classical concerts we apply a minimum age of 8 years (unless stated otherwise on the event page).

I have lost something, where can I go?

If you have lost something, you can contact the lost and found department. This can be reached by telephone on 010 2171700.

May I take pictures or video recordings?

Sound and image recordings are not permitted without permission from the musicians and management. Please contact the reception 010 2171700 for permission.

Can I eat in De Doelen before a concert?

De Doelen is located in the center of Rotterdam and nearby you will find numerous restaurants and eateries. The Stadsbrasserie is located in our building and you are welcome in the Doelen Studio for a drink and some refreshments. 

more about food and drink

Where can I go with a suggestion, complaint or compliment?

These can be addressed to 
We aim to answer you within 10 days. 

Is there an intermission during a concert or performance?

If a performance or concert has a break, this will be indicated on the concert page. The intermission last 25 minutes.

how is de Doelen cleaned? 

In addition to regular cleaning, De Doelen provides intensive cleaning of contact surfaces such as doorknobs, banisters and elevator buttons before, in between and after each concert. Disinfectants are available in sufficient places for visitors.

how does the ventilation system of the Doelen work? 

The Doelen's ventilation system uses air from outside for air exchange and not a recirculation system.

house rules for de Doelen

Would you like to know more about De Doelen's house rules? Click on the button below!

house rules

order and payment

how do I use a promotional code?

If you have a promotional code, you must follow the following steps:

1.     Login or create a new account
2.     Place the concert in the shopping basket and click on select places
3.     Confirm seat selection
4.     Enter the promotional code at the top right and click on activate
5.     Make your seat choice, choose the correct price type, and click on confirm.
6.     Confirm your order with continue

how do I use a podium gift card?

If you have a Podium Gift Card, you can use it during the last phase of the ordering process: delivery and payment method. When selecting the payment method, choose Podium Gift Card and then select 'secure payment'. In the next screen you can enter the number of the Podium Gift Card and the PIN code. The credit will be deducted from your order and any remaining amount can be paid via Ideal or one of the other payment methods.

Can I cancel my order?

Have you made a mistake while ordering and would you like to cancel your order? In that case, please contact Tickets & Service as soon as possible. 

how do mobile tickets work?

Yes, make sure you have the e-tickets (in sharp contrast) on the screen by the time it's your turn to avoid a queue.

You can download tickets directly; the file (.pdf) will open immediately on the smartphone. 

It is also possible to use the iPhone or Android applications to save all your tickets. This works as follows:

1. download the app


With the Wallet app, which is standard on the iPhone, you can save the mobile tickets.

Samsung / android

With, for example, the WalletPases app (in the Google Play store) you can also save the tickets. The app is called Maps when installed.

2. download your mobile tickets

To download the mobile tickets in the app, open the e-mail of the Doelen on your smartphone with the link to the tickets. Click on 2. Smartphone on the first link. The app will open automatically and click on Add to save the mobile ticket.

Note: If you have purchased multiple tickets, you must always save the ticket in your app per link. The tickets are saved per event. If you have bought tickets for multiple performances, they will be saved per performance. 

3. scanning tickets

When you come to the concert, open the app and look for the appropriate tickets. If you have several tickets, swipe from right to left to view the next ticket. Our hosts at the door can then scan the QR code per ticket.

ticket sales

Tickets for concerts can be reserved via this website, by e-mail or by phone. Read all about ordering, payment, discounts, service costs, and returning tickets here.

more about ticket sales


Rotterdam Pass

Receive a monthly 50% discount on a selection of concerts with the Rotterdam Pass. The conditions of the Rotterdam Pass can be found here. < /p>

We Are Public

Visit a selection of concerts with your We Are Public pass! View the current offer at

youth discount & CJP Pass

If you are 30 years or younger or have a CJP card, you can attend most concerts for only €10. If you want to attend concerts of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, this rate is only valid for the 2nd and 3rd ranks.

Don't forget to bring your CJP card or proof of identity. You may be asked to show this at access control.

To purchase a ticket with the discounted rate, you must meet one of the following conditions:

  • 30 years or younger
  • CJP card holder 
  • CJP Teacher Pass

This rate applies to almost all concerts. Read here more about the CJP -pass.

series discount: 25% discount for 4 concerts or more

Choose 4 or more individual concerts from our program and receive a 25% discount on the entire order. This offer applies to some of the concerts. 

This discount is not granted on discount rates such as the CJP or youth rate. When ordering online, this discount will be visible as a ticket option.

opening hours

opening hours

We are open to visitors and can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday between 2 pm and 6 pm on 010 - 2171717. Except on public holidays.

opening hours de Doelen Studio

Monday & Tuesday: view the current program
Wednesday: 13.00 - 18.00 
Thursday: 13.00 - 23.00 
Friday: 16.00 - 23.00 
Saturday: 16.00 - 23.00 
Sunday: 13.00 - 18.00


what facilities are there?

There may be short queues to enter the building. If you are unable to stand in line or need help, ask Tickets & Service for assistance and take a seat at the reading table. 

We welcome wheelchair users and guide dogs.


There are toilets on every floor of de Doelen. The toilets on the 2nd floor are also accessible by elevator.  


The cloakrooms of all our concert halls are located on the first floor. 


There are 3 public elevators in the building. These are wheelchair accessible. 


Is the concert too loud for you? Ask one of our hosts for earplugs.


De Doelen is accessible to everyone. Are you looking for more information about the route, the elevator, room plans or do you have other questions? Look here for more information or contact us. 

more information about accessibility


De Doelen is located in the heart of Rotterdam, a short walk (400 meters) from Rotterdam Central Station, tram, metro and bus stops. There are several parking garages in the vacinity of de Doelen.

Is there a parking discount?

You can book a discounted parking ticket in advance of your concert visit via

where can I park?

There are several parking garages in the immediate vicinity of de Doelen.

Will I still walk in through the parking garage underneath?

At the moment it is no longer possible to enter de Doelen via the parking garage below.

where can the taxi drop/pick me up?

A taxi can be dropped off/picked up around de Doelen building. 

P+R: affordable parking

An inexpensive and easy way of parking is at a P+R site on the edge of the city. You can park your car or motorcycle on a P+R site and continue your journey by public transport. View here an overview of the P+R sites in Rotterdam.

Roadworks in the center of Rotterdam

Intensive road works are taking place in various places in Rotterdam. The Schiedamsedijk, among others, is restricted for traffic. Before departure, check the current situation and closures at:

season 2023 / 2024

when will the sales for the new season start?

The start of sales of the new season is announced annually in the first quarter of the year.

when is the presale for the new season?

There are annual presale moments for our patrons, archers, donors and series holders of the past 2 seasons. The presale moments will be announced in the first quarter of the new year. 

what discounts are there?

serie discount: 25% discount for 4 concerts or more

Choose 4 or more seperate concerts from our program and receive a 25% serie discount on the entire order. This offer is valid on some of the concerts. 

This discount is not granted on discounted rates such as the CJP or youth rate. With an online order, this discount is visible as a ticket option.

discount up to 30 years or CJP 

For young people we have a seletion of concerts with a special discount price of €10. Check here which concerts are included.


There is a monthly 50% discount on a selection of concerts with the Rotterdampas. The conditions of the Rotterdampas can be found here