Ruud Voesten's Ambrosia

  • Thu 22 Feb ’24
    doors open
    Eduard Flipse Zaal (zitplaatsen met vrije stoelkeuze)

Modern jazz inspired by Dante Alighieri's Inferno


Bandleader and composer Ruud Voesten (ROEST, Branie.) dives into one of the world's most famous literary work from the Dark Ages: Dante Alighieri's Inferno.

In this frst part of the Divine Comedy, which is very critical on society, Dante researches his own humanity, his society and his position therein by descending through the ten rings of hell and confronting the seven capital sins.

Using Inferno as a guide and lockdown as a catalyst, Ruud explored his personal relationship to these deadly sins. Reflecting on themes of lust, anger and betrayal provided Ruud with a rich collection of connections, motifs and emotions that he incorporated into a new repertoire.


Ambrosia’ is een moeilijk te doorgronden fenomeen. Met de uitleg van componist Ruud Voesten wordt de link tussen ‘De Goddelijke Komedie’ en muziek van nú een stuk duidelijker.



Mo van der Does alto saxophone | Wietse Voermans - tenor saxophone | Koen Schalkwijk grand piano and synthesizer | Tijs Klaassen double bass | Ruud Voesten drums and composition