Sam’s Favorites groove sound Club Key #6

club night with fashion designer Sam Cruden aka dj Msccruden
  • Fri 5 Jan ’24
    doors open
    de Doelen Studio

On Friday 5 January Club Key symbolically hands over the keys of de Doelen Studio to fashion designer Sam Cruden, known as a DJ as Msccruden, for the fifth time. She is the host of a special evening of dance music ('80 -'90-2000), selected by her friends from the Rotterdam fashion & art scene.

With Sam's Favorites, the designer invites her favorite Rotterdammers and asks them to 'embrace their favorite dance track!' Ted MTC, Mr. Marly Mar, Wendelaen Arij from Devestator and many others are part of her community. What the evening is going to look like exactly depends on the music choices of her friends, but we do know for sure that the sounds and styles of Msccruden's posse will fill de Studio with Rotterdam's coolest vibes.