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We need your support more than ever to make music a factor of significance, both on stage and in the audience.  

Help us build a future full of top musicians, passionate enthusiasts and magnificent music. Contribute to the future of de Doelen!  

What do you support?

Thanks to your support, we can continue to invest in supporting young talent, stimulating encounters, innovative programming, education as well as maintenance and renovation of the building. 

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Do you have questions about supporting de Doelen? Would you prefer to support a specific project? Or do you have a creative idea or proposal that could contribute to the future of de Doelen? Then don't hesitate to contact Bobby van Langeveld or Ciska van Beek at, or call or WhatsApp to +316 45 54 69 66. We will be happy to help you!  

Tax benefits

Due to the cultural ANBI status of de Doelen, your donation is exempt from gift and inheritance tax and therefore fully benefits the mission of de Doelen. Curious about what your tax advantage could be? 

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Stichting de Doelen Steunfonds ANBI

All gifts and donations received benefit the Stichting de Doelen Steunfonds. This cultural ANBI provides the Doelen with financial support for innovative programming and exceptional projects, education programmes, talent development projects and building maintenance. 

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