become a friend
and support the future
of de Doelen

Friends are essential for the Doelen. Together with all other friends, you contribute to a future full of top musicians, passionate enthusiasts and beautiful music. After all, we build the future of de Doelen together!

Our friends provide financial support to de Doelen so that we can continue to organise high-quality concerts and cultural events, support talented artists and offer educational programmes to a wide audience.

With your friendscontribution, you help us make music a significant factor on and off stage. We do this by providing a place for young talent, involving young people and kids in our programming, and encouraging experimentation and innovation. This is how we invest in the future of music together.

''I am a friend because I fell in love with de Doelen''

- Annie, friend of de Doelen

every friend is important

De Doelen has friends in all shapes, sizes and colours. You already become part of de Doelen friends from €60 a year, which is €5 a month. Can and would you like to contribute more to our mission? Then choose a higher contribution, determine the amount yourself. You can also support de Doelen together with, for example, your partner, bff or aunt as a duo friend. Whichever friend you are, your involvement matters!

friend or duofriend

As a friend, you support de Doelen as an individual. If you would like to support de Doelen together with someone, for example with your partner, bff or aunt, you can do so as a duo friend. You then support the Target as a couple for €100 and enjoy the benefits for two. We think it is important that you can decide for yourself with whom you enter into this duo-friendship, so you do not have to live at the same address.

''I am a friend because it allows me to contribute to the connection between young people and classical music''

- Indy, friend of de Doelen

We would like to thank our friends for their contribution. With invitations to special events, discounts and free tickets, behind-the-scenes tours and, of course, a newsletter about everything we can do thanks to our friends. Our duo friends, and friends who contribute €250 or more receive our thank-you gifts for two.

tax benefits

Thanks to the cultural ANBI status of the Doelen, your friends' contribution provides tax benefits. By committing your donation, you make the most of this benefit. As a result, your contribution is fully deductible from your taxable income. Check this page for more information or contact us using the contact details below.


Do you have a question about friendships at de Doelen? Then take a look at our frequently asked questions, or feel free to contact Bobby van Langeveld at or by calling or WhatsApping to +316 45 54 69 66.

Stichting de Doelen Steunfonds ANBI

All gifts and donations received benefit the Stichting de Doelen Steunfonds. This cultural ANBI provides the Doelen with financial support for innovative programming and exceptional projects, education programmes, talent development projects and building maintenance. 

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