tax benefits

De Doelen is registered as a Cultural ANBI under the name 'Stichting de Doelen Support Fund'. An ANBI is exempt from gift tax. For a beneficiary, the ANBI status means a tax advantage in income tax and corporate tax. For the most up-to-date information about the Giving Act (Geefwet), we would like to refer you to the tax authorities.

tax benefits

Thanks to our Donation ANBI status there are tax benefits for individuals and companies. In comparison with an ordinary ANBI, a donation to a Cultural ANBI provides even more benefits thanks to the 25% extra deduction that applies when donating to this ANBI.
For example, an ordinary donation can be a monthly, annual or one-off. Ordinary donations must be demonstrable to the tax authorities. This can be done, for example, via a statement from the bank account. As a friend or one-off contributor you are eligible for the tax benefits that apply to an ordinary gift.
In contrast to the periodic donation, this does have a threshold amount. This threshold amount for ordinary donations is 1% of the threshold income, with a minimum of €60, the minimum friend contribution. A maximum of 10% also applies to deducting ordinary donations.

commit your donation for 5 years and enjoy more tax benefits

In order to receive more tax benefits and to be able to donate without a threshold amount, you can record the donations as a periodic donation with a minimum of five years. This donation is fully deductible from taxable income when you support the fund for at least five years with a periodic donation. A periodic donation must be recorded with an agreement for a periodic monetary gift. In order to do so, please get in contact with us, see our contact details below. 

calculate your advantage

Curious about what your tax advantage would be? Calculate it with the module below.

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the conditions for deducting tax from periodic gifts (


Do you have a question about tax benefits as a giver to de Doelen? Or would you like to cpmmit your contribution for maximum tax benefits? Feel free to contact Bobby van Langeveld at or by calling or WhatsApp to +316 45 54 69 66.