frequently asked questions de Doelen vrienden

Below you will find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding de Doelen vrienden, our friends program. 

what is the purpose of de Doelen vrienden?

The aim is to provide financial support to de Doelen so that we can continue to organise high-quality concerts and cultural events, support talented artists and offer educational programs to a wide audience.

what happens with my donation?

Proceeds from the Doelen Friends are spent on four different causes; education and participation, innovative programming, talent development and upgrades to the building. Each of these goals contributes to our mission to make music and culture more accessible, vibrant and inspiring for all!

can I choose a destination for my donation?

We have four charitable purposes for the donations of our friends: innovative programming, education and participation, talent development and the building. When signing up as a friend, you can indicate which goal you think is most important. This is not binding, but we do take it into account. If you would like to support a specific goal or project, please contact Bobby van Langeveld at, or call 06 45 54 69 66.

will I be thanked for my contribution?

Of course! We love to thank our friends for their contribution. With invitations to special events, behind-the-scenes tours, and of course a newsletter about everything we can do thanks to our friends. 

will I be informed of the impact of my contribution?

We would love to update you on what special projects we can do thanks to your contribution. Both via a newsletter and on our website, we will keep you informed.

what is the difference between a friend and a duo friend?

As a friend, you support de Doelen as an individual. If you would like to support de Doelen together with someone, you can do so as a duo friend. You then support de Doelen as a couple and also enjoy the benefits for two. We think it is important that you can decide for yourself with whom you enter into this duo-friendship, therefore you do not have to live at the same address.

how do I change, or cancel my donation?

To do so, please contact Bobby van Langeveld at or by calling 06 45 54 69 66.

is my donationation tax deductible?

Yes, because of the ANBI status of the Doelen, your donation may have tax benefits. Read more about these benefits on this page.

what are the conditions of de Doelen friends?
in what other ways can I contribute to the de Doelen?

There are various ways to contribute to de Doelen. For instance, you can leave a one-off donation, you can contribute structurally as a friend, you can bequeath to de Doelen and there are also business opportunities to support. There is also the possibility to get involved as a volunteer.

answer not found?

Please feel free to contact Bobby van Langeveld at or call +316 45 54 69 66. We will be happy to help you further.