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Proceeds from our giving programme are spent on four different goals; education and participation, innovative programming, talent development and the building. 

Each of these goals contributes to our mission to make music and culture more accessible, lively and inspiring for everyone.

education & participation
At de Doelen, we believe in the transformative power of education. Therefore, we continuously realise education and participation projects that have a lasting impact on individuals and communities. With an inclusive and interactive music programme in different genres, specifically for kids and young adults, we actively involve this youngest target group in our programmes and introduce them to music and art in its broadest sens
innovative programming
We are continuously committed to offering an innovative, exceptional, inclusive and high-profile programme. From innovative programme concepts to creative interpretations of classics and fresh collaborations. This makes us a concert hall where there is something cool to visit for every music lover. Besides our concert programming, we also focus on social themes, art, architecture and literature with distinctive, accessible programmes around current themes in and of the city. We are here for everyone!
talent development
With an eye on the future of music and Rotterdam as a music city, we see talent development as an important task of de Doelen. Through various programmes such as ROAM, Red Sofa Young and talent breaks, we offer a stage to emerging talents. With these programmes, we create a fertile breeding ground on which talent can flourish and grow. This allows us to give numerous musicians a kickstart to a wonderful music career every season!
the building
Music lovers have known how to find us in our building on Schouwburgplein since 1966. To continue enjoying our national monument in the best possible way, projects that improve or guarantee its functionality and quality regularly take place. Think about the construction of the green roof, the upgrade of the artists' foyer or the renewal of the seats in the Jurriaanse Zaal. Each of these projects honours the building and enhances the experience and quality of your visit to De Doelen.

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