De Doelen Support Fund ANBI

Chamber of Commerce number 41132327 
RSIN 9861701 
statutory seatRotterdam 
IBAN NL83TRIO0786670193 (Triodos Bank) 
contact 010-2177907 / 
postal address PO Box 972, 3000 AZ Rotterdam 
visiting address Kruisstraat 2, 3012 CT Rotterdam

board of Stichting de Doelen Support Fund

Mrs Semiha Denktaş, chairman
Mr Timme Geerlof, treasurer
Mr Frans van de Noort
Mrs Jeannette Baljeu 
Mr Steven van Eijck 
Mr Roland Teixeira de Mattos 
Mr Karel Peters

reward policy

The board of the Doelen Support Fund does not receive any compensation. 


The objective of the De Doelen Support Fund Foundation is stated in its statutes and reads as follows: “To provide financial support or otherwise ensure the conservation, maintenance and renovation of the concert and congress building De Doelen in Rotterdam (“the Doelen”) and to promote the activities in the Doelen so as to guarantee and confirm the local, national and international position of the Doelen as a concert hall, as well as anything that may be conducive to the foregoing”. With this objective, the Support Fund aims to serve the public interest. 

policy plan

Stichting de Doelen Support Fund raises financial donations for De Doelen in the form of one-off and regular periodic donations from private individuals, multi-year sponsorship and partnerships with companies and corporate donations and private donations for special projects. In the coming policy period (2021 – 2024), these gifts will be earmarked for the development and implementation of special and innovative programming, the maintenance and renovation of the building, talent development projects and the musical development of children.