You can purchase tickets to all concerts online. If you would also like to book other facilities to make your visit to de Doelen easier, we recommend that you email


Do no hesitate to ask for assistance from one of our employees during your visit. You can do this at the Tickets & Service desk, by the main entrance. While waiting, you can take a seat at the reading table.

Doelen employees are always present in the concert halls, either at the door or inside the hall. Don't hesitate to ask for assistance getting up from your seat, or if you get overstimulated during a concert. Our employees are ready to help.


If you have mobility problems and live in Rotterdam, you can use the Trevvel transport service.

routes and entrances

wheelchair accessibility 

All the concert halls of de Doelen are accessible for visitors with a wheelchair or a walker. There are enough wheelchair places in all of the concert halls. Wheelchairs are available in de Doelen for anyone with walking difficulties. When purchasing your ticket you can ask for the use of a wheelchair at the same time. If you use a walker, it will be placed in the hallway during the concert by an employee. 

Would you like to order tickets for a wheelchair space? Please contact

accessibility concert halls

Our concert halls are located on the first, second and third floor. Each floor is accessible by elevator. Access to the Grote Zaal, Jurriaanse Zaal and Eduard Flipse Zaal with a wheelchair or a walker is possible via the second floor. The Willem Burger Hal is accessible from the main entrance.

floor plans
On the floor plans you can see which entrances, toilets and cloakrooms are accessible to everyone.

➝ floor plans

light and sound

Stroboscopes are rarely used in our jazz and classical concert halls. Pop concerts often have an amplified light and sound installation. You can always call to check which light and sound system will be used in our pop program.

induction loop for the hard of hearing

In the Grote Zaal and Jurriaanse Zaal an induction loop system is available and can be used by placing a hearing aid or cochlear implant in the t-setting. Some hearing aids can't connect with the loop. You can make an appointment with the Technical Service of de Doelen to test your hearing aid in the concert hall.

Please send an email to to make an appointment.

If the sound in the concert hall is too loud for you, ask one of our employees for earplugs.

view of the stage

Every seat offers a good view of the stage. If you are farsighted or nearsighted and are unsure which seat would be best for you, you can contact Tickets & Service for advice.

service dog
If you are dependent on an official service dog, your dog is most welcome. Would you kindly let us know in advance that you are visiting a concert with an service dog?


There are toilets on every floor of de Doelen. The toilets on the 2nd floor are also accessible by elevator.


The cloakrooms of all the concert halls are located on the first floor.


There are 3 public elevators in the building. These are wheelchair accessible. 


De Doelen is accessible for everyone. Did you notice something that could be improved? Do not hesitate to contact us via: