Royalty Election Zomercarnaval

  • Sat 6 Jul ’24
    doors open
    Grote Zaal
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The Royalty Election is back! The kickoff of Rotterdam Unlimited Summer Carnival traditionally takes place in the Doelen in Rotterdam. During a sweltering evening full of song, dance and color, the new King & Queen Summer Carnival will be chosen for the third time.

Five candidates are chosen to compete for the coveted position of captain of the iconic street parade on Saturday, July 27. In addition, they may for one year Summer Carnival Rotterdam

After the opening show, the candidates will present themselves to the jury and the audience in three rounds. The first round introduces the candidates. One by one they introduce themselves. The second round is devoted to questions. The candidates all have to answer a question about Zomercarnaval Rotterdam. The third round is the round everyone is looking forward to: the carnival shows of the candidates in full ornament. After a short break, during which the jury will deliberate, the new Queen & King Summer Carnival 2024 will be announced.

The candidates of the Royalty Election 2024 are:

  • Fernando Kasters
  • Maria Mc William
  • Gillian Jersun Gil
  • Larisa Da Veiga
  • Chanisa Elisabeth Martina 


Walk in from 18:00 pm - 19:00 pm

Doors open from 19:00 pm - 19:30 pm

Main program from 19:30 pm- 22:00 pm

Afterparty from 22:00 pm - 00:00 pm