Avi Avital, Il Giardino Armonico and Giovanni Antonini

Mandolin genius with pre-eminent baroque ensemble 
  • Thu 7 Dec ’23
    doors open
    Jurriaanse Zaal
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Il Giardino Armonico is one of the world’s finest baroque orchestras. Add “explosively charismatic” superstar Avi Avital on the mandolin and the talented director and flutist Giovanni Antonini, and all the ingredients to create magic are in place. 

NRC gave Antonini and Il Giardino four stars and wrote: “Music that might soon sound obligatory in a large orchestra remains a collection of lively and individual voices in this performance.”

The art of period performance comprises more than merely attempting to replicate the sound and playing styles from a few hundred years ago – described as such, this form of performance sounds far too clinical and scientific. Witnessing a truly successful period performance feels like seeing centuries-old music come into being in that very moment. A magical tension, as if the tones finally find the place where they belong. 



Händel Concerto grosso no. 1  | Barbella Concerto in D major for mandolin and basso continuo  | Durante Concerto in G minor for strings and basso continuo  | J.S. Bach Concerto in re minore, BMV 1060  | Vivaldi Sinfonia ‘al Santo Sepolcro’ in B minor  | C.P.E. Bach Symphony in G major | Sollima Concerto     


Avi Avital mandolin | Il Giardino Armonico  | Giovanni Antonini musical direction  

Il Giardino Armonico de Doelen Rotterdam
Alberto Panzani