Tin Men and the Telephone + Ben van Gelder & Reinier Baas

Double concert: exploring new frontiers in Dutch jazz
  • Thu 3 Oct ’24
    Eduard Flipse Zaal (zitplaatsen met vrije stoelkeuze)
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exploring jazz tradition, modern music, electronica, and cutting-edge technology.

Tin Men and the Telephone

Tin Men & the Telephone is back! The innovative piano trio surrounding Tony Roe (winner Boy Edgar Prize) with drummer Jamie Peet and bassist Pat Cleaver once again stretches the boundaries between music and cutting edge technology in the new show It's About Time. 'Roe pulls out all the stops and makes equally clear choices. He is developing into one of the most innovative players on the jazz circuit,' according to Het Parool.

A concert by Tin Men and the Telephone is a unique experience in which music and multimedia are ingeniously integrated. In It's About Time the concept of time is turned completely upside down. The group draws inspiration from the world of cinema where flashbacks, flashforwards or the halting of time are commonplace. Tin Men and the Telephone translates this into music using innovative technology. 

Tin Men and the Telephone make the everyday special with their music. In addition to influences from classical, jazz and hip-hop, the three musicians use news reports, speeches and other unconventional sound sources. Their performances are a sensory experience in which piano, double bass and drums merge with interactive live electronics, cameras and visual projections.

Ben van Gelder & Reinier Baas
Saxophonist Ben van Gelder and guitarist Reinier Baas proudly announce the release of their third collaborative release, "This Is Water." This album is a testament to their unique artistic synergy, rooted in the American jazz tradition, but with unmistakably European flair. Drawing from a shared musical vocabulary developed during their 15-year collaboration, Baas and van Gelder effortlessly navigate a diverse range of moods and atmospheres, inviting listeners to explore new sonic horizons. From tranquil meditations to virtuosic crescendos, each track unveils a multi-layered tale.

For this record, Baas and van Gelder have extended an invitation to four deeply authentic musicians. Baas and Van Gelder composed for them specifically. These tailor-made songs are intended as vehicles for expression that cater to the strengths of each guest, with a focus on improvisation. Pianist Cory Smythe adds singular, ethereal textures, challenging the duo to venture into unknown, microtonal territory. Drummer Jeff Ballard - a childhood hero to the duo - radiates a deep understanding of music, and its power to connect and communicate selflessly. Lastly, ‘This Is Water’ features drummer Han Bennink and pianist Marta Warelis, both uncompromising and willing to sacrifice perfection for the sake of emotional resonance.

"This Is Water" is inspired by the commencement speech of the same name by American novelist David Foster Wallace. In this heartfelt speech, Wallace presents the following parable:
“There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says “Morning, boys. How’s the water?” The two young fish swim on for a bit, eventually one of them looks over at the other and asks “What the hell is water?”


Tin Men and the Telephone 
Jamie Peet drums | Pat Cleaver bass | Tony Roe piano & electronics

Ben van Gelder & Renier Baas
Ben van Gelder saxophone | Reinier Baas guitar