Jeroen Erosie | Muurschildering Van Cappellen Zaal

Artist: Jeroen Erosie 
Art work: Van Cappellen Zaal mural (2019) 
Collection: de Doelen
Aquisition: de Doelen


Erosie’s works are rooted in the free visual language of graffiti but have found a unique, distinctive signature in which writing and typography hold a central position. "It's a strange kind of alphabet," says Erosie, "combined with architectural forms." The paintings are taken from his sketchbook, where he creates small, intuitive drawings. This sketchbook has evolved into a catalog filled with motifs for new drawings, murals, screen prints, and works on canvas. Erosie has a particular interest in the art of post-war reconstruction, beautifully evident in the Doelen:

"Considering the indefinable interplay between forms and colors in post-war reconstruction art – whether it be intarsia, mosaic, or sculpture – I see parallels with the equally indefinable visual language of graffiti. The intriguing playing field between both worlds motivates me to create new work. I aim for a direct translation of that field, preferably by putting a paint roller directly onto the surface."

The mural in the Van Cappellen Zaal is contemporary but also aligns with the tradition of murals and façade art, as realized in de Doelen as early as the 1960s. "I wanted to add an open and playful element to offset the angular character of the Van Cappellen Zaal," Erosie says about his mural.