Niel Steenbergen & Adriaan Roland Holst | Poem in black marble

Artist: Niel Steenbergen (1911-1997) and Adriaan Roland Holst (1888-1976)
Art work: Poem in black marble  (1966) 
Collection: de Doelen 
Acquisition: Burger & Zoon, shipbrokers  

In 1966, shipping company Burger & Zoon gifted a monumental façade artwork to de Doelen. Niel Steenbergen designed the black marble wall of what used to be the cloakroom. A poem by

Roland Holst was chiseled into the wall. Steenbergen mainly worked in Brabant. He was a sculptor and medalist, specializing in the design of war memorials and religious art. The director of the shipping company, W.F. Dutilh, wanted to offer a gift to de Doelen on behalf of the company, under the condition that the work be "clearly visible." Dutilh envisioned an inscription by a poet, and suggested Adriaan Roland Holst, whom he knew personally.