Chantal Acda & The Atlantic Drifters

Silently Held
  • Sat 28 Sep ’24
    Jurriaanse Zaal
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In the quiet embrace of music, Chantal reveals a raw and authentic portrayal of vulnerability

This project will be performed live by an impressive septet: Chantal Acda, Eric Thielemans, Darian Donovan Thomas (from Grammy Award-winning Arooj Aftab), Thomas Morgan (collaborated with Jakob Bro, John Abercrombie and Paul Motian), Kevin Hays (Grammy Award-winner), Frans Van Isacker, Niels Van Heertum.

In the quiet embrace of the music, Chantal unveils a raw and authentic portrayal of vulnerability, where every flaw and feeling is held close. The album becomes a sanctuary, inviting listeners to join in this silent
communion with the intricacies of the human experience. Through each note and lyric, Chantal Acda crafts a space where imperfections are not only acknowledged but celebrated, creating a profound and intimate connection between the artist and the audience. "Silently Held" stands as a testament to the beauty found in the closeness of our flaws and feelings, inviting us to embrace them with grace and authenticity. The full album, Silently Held will be released on May 3 on Challenge Records and features the collaborative brilliance of Bill Frisell, Eric Thielemans, Jozef Dumoulin, Thomas Morgan, Shahzad Ismaily, Colin Stetson, Joachim Badenhorst, Niels Van Heertum and Kurt Van Herck.

This release follows Chantal's earlier musical odysseys, including Let Your Hands be My Guide (2013), The
Sparkle In Our Flaws (2015), Bounce Back (2017), Puwawau (2019) and Saturday Moon (2021). Each album, a testament to her artistic evolution, has resonated with audiences worldwide.

Words from the musicians
Bill Frisell: “Wonderful things do happen. If we can be quiet, and listen, trust one another, open up, allow ourselves and those around us to be vulnerable, make a mistake, no judgement, no preconceptions, help one another. Just listen. Wonderful things happen. Music is a miracle. Thank you Chantal. Love.Bill”

Shahzad Ismaily: “I pulled myself out of misery to be with kind friends. How am I this lucky to have people stay close even as I am so far. Terror strikes. Quiet yourself. Hold your eyes from shaking/from wandering. Listen to her voice. Follow it and dance with it. Be peaceful and open your heart. Slowly. Softly. Be unafraid to weep alone.”



Chantal Acda (BE) Voice, acoustic guitar | Eric Thielenmas (BE) Drums | Darian Donovan Thomas (US) Multi-instrumentalist  | Thomas Morgan (US) Double bass | Kevin Hays (US) Piano | Frans Van Isacker (BE) Saxophone | Niels Van Heertum (BE) Euphonium