house rules

Below you can read the house rules of concert hall de Doelen. Is the answer not listed? Then take a look at our frequently asked questions!

the rules

  1. Showing identification is mandatory when requested by employees, so always take your ID with you.
  2. If you do not comply with our house rules, the employees of de Doelen have the right to deny you access at any time.
  3. Follow the instructions of the employees, for your own safety and that of others.
  4. It is not allowed to bring in drinks and/or food.
  5. For your and our safety, de Doelen uses security cameras with the option to make recordings. Everyone who visits de Doelen agrees to these recordings. These recordings can be used as evidence in case of irregularities. In the event of calamities, these recordings can be shown as supporting material and/or be transferred to third parties.
  6. It is possible that preventive checks/searches are carried out. These checks are mandatory and established in order to guarantee general safety. You are obliged to cooperate with such an inspection.
  7. De Doelen can make the use of the cloakroom mandatory. At almost all our events, free cloakroom is included in the service cost of the ticket.
  8. It is not allowed to bring large bags into the concert halls.
  9. De Doelen is not liable for loss of, or damage to, the property you have placed in custody or left unattended by you.
  10. De Doelen does not wish to enter into a custody agreement for objects (including possible content) with a (total) value higher than €150. Objects (including possible contents) with a (total) value higher than €150 may not be handed in at the cloakroom. If you use the cloakroom, you guarantee that the value of an item to be handed over does not exceed €150, or that you realize that De Doelen cannot be held liable for loss and/or damage to it for a amount higher than €150.
  11. In the event of irrefutably proven liability on the part of de Doelen, this is at all times limited to €150 for each item (including contents) handed over at the cloakroom. The company is not liable for damage other than damage to or in connection with the loss of an object itself, and therefore not for indirect and/or consequential damage.
  12. Guide and/or assistance dogs are allowed in the property. We kindly ask you to inform us in advance if you wish to bring a guide and/or assistance dog.
  13. All other dogs are welcome at all times in de Doelen Studio.
  14. Smoking is prohibited in the Doelen. Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas (outside).
  15. Possession of weapons and/or dangerous/sharp objects is strictly prohibited.
  16. Possession, use and trade in soft and hard drugs is strictly prohibited.
  17. Persons who are clearly under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be denied access.
  18. It is prohibited to trade goods and/or resources in or to de Doelen.
  19. For independent visits to concerts and events (without supervision of an adult) we use a minimum recommended age of 14 years (unless stated otherwise on the event page).
  20. No alcoholic beverages are provided to visitors under the age of 18.
  21. Visitors under the age of 18 are not allowed in after 11 p.m. (unless otherwise stated on the event page).
  22. We apply a minimum age of 8 years for visiting classical concerts (unless stated otherwise on the event page).
  23. It is not allowed to bring glasses or bottles with or without drinks inside or outside.
  24. Aggression, disruptive behaviour, sexual harassment, racist, sexist, insulting and/or discriminatory statements, in whatever form, are absolutely not tolerated.
  25. The police will always be called in cases of gross misconduct, violations and/or crimes are detected.
  26. For promotional activities (flyers, posters, etc.) written permission must be obtained well in advance.
  27. De Doelen monitors any service-restricting measures, if these are imposed by order of the government. It is therefore possible that the Doelen is, beyond its control, limited in its ability to provide services to visitors, including, for example, the provision of a break drink or cloakroom. In this case, a refund of the price of the relevant service, which was initially discounted in the ticket price, is unfortunately not possible.
  28. It is not allowed to make audio, photo and/or video recordings without permission.
  29. It is not allowed to bring professional photo, video and audio recording equipment inside without permission. Consumer cameras are allowed. By professional photo and film equipment we mean devices with interchangeable lenses and SLR cameras.
  30. It is not permitted, without prior permission, to resell photos, videos, or audio recorded in de Doelen to third parties.
  31. De Doelen can decide to refuse you access, even if you are in possession of a valid admission ticket, if there are indications that could potentially lead to safety risks for visitors, players, artists and/or employees. It is up to de Doelens to determine whether such potential risks exist. If access is refused for this reason and the admission ticket is declared invalid for this reason, the ticket purchaser will receive the purchase amount back. In this case, de Doelen is not liable for any financial consequential damages.
  32. De Doelen may decide to make video and/or sound recordings of the event and its visitors. These recordings can be made public or reproduced. The visitor grants unconditional permission to make these recordings and to use them without de Doelen  or third parties owing any compensation to the visitors. The visitor hereby transfers any neighboring and/or copyright and/or portrait rights to the organization without any restrictions. Furthermore, the visitor irrevocably waives the right to invoke his/her personality rights. If you do not wish to be photographed or filmed, we ask you to discuss this with de Doelen employees on site during the event.
  33. During some events and/or concerts there is supervision and extra cleaning of the toilets. Paying for toilet use is never mandatory in this case, but is appreciated.
  34. If you have complaints, of whatever nature, you must send an email to within 3 working days after the moment they arose. After that, it is no longer possible to submit complaints.

In addition to the above, the general visitor conditions of the VSCD  applies in de Doelen. In case of contradictions with the house rules, the house rules will apply.