Art Walks

The unsuspecting visitor may not be aware that de Doelen is home to of one of the finest collections of post-war reconstruction art in the country. The almost casual manner in which the artworks are displayed throughout the venue, a true gem of post-war architecture, is a far cry from most museums and galleries. Thousands upon thousands of feet have walked across Wally Elenbaas’ work, a magnificent marble intarsia, since its unveiling in 1966. The semi-abstract floor mosaic leading to the Grote Zaal is a beautiful preview of what’s about to come. And who hasn’t leaned against the marble relief by Frank Nix next to the bar on the first floor during an IFFR opening night? Perhaps even secretly touched Barbara Hepworth’s impressive sculpture Curved Form-Bryher II, with the buzz of the concertgoers in the hall below in the background?


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