tax benefits (ANBI)

Stichting de Doelen Steunfonds is a recognized algemeen nut beogende instelling (ANBI). This hallmark means that your donation is, in principle, tax deductable. The advantage of donating to an organization that has the ANBI status is that the gift is fully or partially deductible from your taxable income. So the Belastingdienst (Dutch tax authorities) also contributes to your donation. 

tax benefits

Curious about the financial benefits? Calculate the financial advantages on Please also consult the official wesbite of the tax authorities in the Netherlands.

form for periodic donations (ANBI)

A periodic donation/ gift is a structural gift to a good cause (ANBI) that is recorded in writing in a notarial or private donation agreement. Fill in the periodic donation agreement forms and send it to our address.

form for periodic donations (ANBI)

Stichting de Doelen Steunfonds

KvK-nummer 41132327
RSIN 009861701
statutaire zetel Rotterdam
IBAN NL83TRIO0786670193 (Triodos Bank)
contact 010-2177907 /
postadres Postbus 972, 3000 AZ Rotterdam
bezoekadres Kruisstraat 2, 3012 CT Rotterdam

downloads (NL)

Beleidsplan 2017-2020
Jaarverslag 2017
Jaarrekening 2017
Jaarrekening 2018 
Bestuursverslag 2018
Jaarrekening 2019
Bestuursverslag 2019

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