Klassieke muziek van nu: wars van conventies, avontuurlijk en vernieuwend. Verwacht sprankelende concerten, cross-overs en grensverleggende muziek. Verspreid over de stad met de Doelen als bruisend festivalhart.

ONTMOET de nieuwste generatie musici, zoals s t a r g a z e 
DANS op Vivaldi’s Vier jaargetijden bij ANNO
LUISTER naar Monica Germino’s fluisterconcert
DOE MEE met Arthur Wagenaars Close Call
EET bij chef-kok Maher al Sabbagh in de Doelen Studio
CLUB in WORM op donderdag en vrijdagavond


Classical music of today: adventurous, innovative, and free from convention. Expect dazzling concerts, cross-overs, and state-of-the-art music. Spread across the city, with de Doelen as the pulsating heart of the festival.

MEET contemporary musicians like s t a r g a z e
DANCE on Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons at ANNO
LISTEN to Monica Germino’s whisper concert
PARTICIPATE with Arthur Wagenaars Close Call
DINE at chef Maher al Sabbagh’s Doelen Kitchen
CLUB at WORM on Thursday and Friday night
Rotterdam Art Music Festival 2019 is a collaboration between de Doelen and Piranha Arts Berlin and is powered by Rotterdam Festivals, Gemeente Rotterdam, Stichting Droom en Daad and Dutch Performing Arts.

Ensemble s t a r g a z e, Astronautalis, TEMKO & Y.M.P. (Tuesday 14 May)
Daytime showcases (Thursday 16 May)
Evening Showcases (Thursday 16 May)
Club Showcases (Thursday 16 May)
Daytime showcases (Friday 17 May)
Evening showcases (Friday 17 May)
Club Showcases (Friday 17 May)
Monica Germino | MUTED (Saturday 18 May)
The Scottish Ensemble & Anna Meredith | Anno (Saturday 18 May)
Maher Al Sabbagh is one of Rotterdam’s best kept culinary secrets. The Syrian friend of de Doelen doesn’t only stick to his native kitchen but likes to mix in elements from Lebanese, Sicilian and even Dutch cuisine.

During Classical:NEXT, Maher will prepare a scrumptious dinner buffet at 15 euro per head at de Doelen Studio. Limited spots available, first come, first serve! Book your tickets for a fabulous foodie experience at de Doelen Studio bar. Bon Appetite!

16 & 17 May
Between 18:00 and 20:00h at de Doelen Studio (next to main entrance)
Tuesday 14 May
Ensemble s t a r g a z e, Astronataulis, Y.M.P & TEMKO: €19 (till 26 years or CJP €5)

Thursday 16 & Friday 17 May
Daytime showcases: €5
Evening showcases: €5
Club showcases: €5

Saturday 18 May
Monica Germino | MUTED: €19 (till 26 or CJP €5)
The Scottisch Ensemble & Anna Meredith | ANNO: €19 (till 26 or CJP €5)

€ 50 (available at de Doelen box office or kassa@dedoelen.nl)

Young Doelen Ensemble
Constellations by Emma O’Halloran

Amanda Gookin


Brendan Faegre
12.00-12.30h + 13.00-13.30h

XSight Percussion Duo
15.00-15.30h + 16.00-16.30h