Kinetic Sounds

DoelenEnsemble en Klankvorm
  • do 20 apr ’23
    Jurriaanse Zaal
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Screeching, cracking, hissing, alarming and rattling, an unknown machine appears. The DoelenEnsemble watches and tries, with all its powers, to communicate with the apparatus. Music by Rotterdam composers Peter-Jan Wagemans and Meriç Artaç are the key; a new language, constructed as a bond between man and machine.  

Kinetic Sounds, the main character in this programme, is an installation by Klankvorm, a Rotterdam-based platform for the realisation of audiovisual arts, sound art and installation art. Watch tehe video for a preview of the installation.  


met o.a. nieuw werk van Meriç Artaç en Peter-Jan Wagemans 


DoelenEnsemble | Maarten van Veen dirigent | Klankvorm concept en bouw Kinetic Sounds