Stichting de Doelen Steunfonds

what is the steunfonds?

Stichting de Doelen Steunfonds raises funds for de Doelen from both private individuals and companies. Thanks to your donations we will be able to create sustainable venue where everyone feels welcome and where you can hear the best of local and and international music. 

what happens to your donation?

All donations go directly to:

  • Education programs;
  • Talent development projects;
  • Innovative programming.

become a beneficiary

An investment in our organization is an investment in our future. This is possible from as little as a single donations of €5 or a periodic gift donation of €60 per year. Would you also like to support de Doelen as a donor, take a look at the options below or use this form for a single donation. 

make a single donation online




the board of Stichting de Doelen Steunfonds

Mrs Marianne de Waard-Preller, voorzitter
Mrs Jeannette Baljeu
Mrs Catharina Bieringa-de Jong, secretaris
Mr Steven van Eijck
Mr Roland Teixeira de Mattos
Mr Karel Peters
Mr Frans van de Noort
Mr Timme Geerlof

ontmoet de bestuursleden 

more information


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