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Ntjam Rosie

The experiences, thoughts and feelings of Ntjam Rosie’s family and friends form the foundation to this work of music. The result is heartwarming.

Ragazze Quartet

Their performances engage all the senses! On this lunch break, the focus is on two string quartets by Czech composers.

Farid Sheek & Maya Fridman

Enjoy this meeting of East and West, featuring Farid Sheek and the award-winning Russian cellist Maya Fridman.

Merel Vercammen & Rembrandt Frerichs

Sharing the stage with another musician – pianist Rembrandt Frerichs, in this case – Merel vercammen lets her musical background, outer space and the animal kingdom inspire her.

Bec Plexus

Enter Bec Plexus’ secret realm where no story is too small or big to take on.

Dina Medina

We’re having Cape Verdean celebrity Dina Medina over for a lunch break! Listen to her songs of her last two albums 'Mornamente’ and 'Pegam na mo'.
Daria van den Bercken

Vive felice! (Live happily!) So wrote Scarlatti in the preface to a collection of his sonatas. And what a fitting introduction to this music it is. Enjoy!

Babs Gons & Mirte Hartland

Two word-slingers share the stage! Babs en Mirte join forces to juggle song and spoken word (NL). Discover the power of their stories about love, lust and life for yourself.

Certain Animals

Rotterdam-based trio Certain Animals previously performed on the Doelen building’s roof, and are set to have their album release party, 'Songs to make you move', here on 25 September 2020.

Saskia Lankhoorn

For this lunch break, pianist Saskia Lankhoorn has compiled a surprising programme touching on the sounds of Debussy’s Préludes.

Lidy Blijdorp & Rosanne Philippens

Rosanne and Lidy will be performing Ravel's Duo sonata, dedicated to Debussy, bird sounds by Schumann, and their version of a Romanian folk tune about larks.

Maria Mendes & Karel Boehlee

Maria is converting fado's melancholy sound into an innovative mix of terrifying serenades, jaunty jazz meditations and crystal-clear scatting.

Liza Ferschtman

Violinist Liza Ferschtman is giving us a taste of her passion! Her passionate performance and on-stage charisma are always a hit with the audience.

Benjamin Herman Trio

Are you ready for some jazz?! This trio will have you dance in the living room.

Willem 't Hart

A multidisciplinary artist: that's the only description to truly do his versatility justice. From hip-hop to neo-soul to jazz: he is up to 'lunchbreak' on the Doelen organ!

De Likt

Push aside your furniture because the Rotterdam-based demolition company is taking the Doelen stage, Corona or not!

Arthur & Lucas Jussen

In this lunch break we are invited along to a dreamworld of sounds and a short piano duet with a comical twist.

Geert Bierling

As Rotterdam’s city organist, Geert Bierling knows the Doelen organ better than anyone. In addition to his role as a performing musician, Bierling conducts research on the 18th century harpsichord transcriptions of compositions by Bach and Handel.

Kika Sprangers & Robert Koemans

Today they will be performing a jazz set with a melancholy touch. Consider this performance a sneak peek into their latest compositions and performance work.

Lucie Horsch

The young Dutch recorderist Lucie Horsch’s short career so far has seen a meteoric rise to fame, and includes a beautiful album in collaboration with the renowned Academy of Ancient Music.

Ruwhel & Manq Carrot

Ruwhel and Mangcarrot, representing Productiehuis FLOW, will be sure to steal the show with music and humour.

Aart Strootman

Set aside your work and enjoy an ambient solo set based on the music of Aphex Twin.

Melissa Fortes & Paulo Bouwman

Melissa Fortes and Paulo Bouwman have prepared selection of songs that will warm you up!

Maarten van Veen & Nicole Jordan

For this concert, pianist Maarten van Veen and vocalist Nicole Jordan have compiled a beautiful selection of songs which are reminiscing a dreamy some comical, more joyful pieces.


Enjoy this performance featuring popular and traditional Turkish songs that are sure to impress.
Raluca Baicu
Raluca heeft de nieuwste reeks online lunchbreak concerten (van 29 juni t/m 10 juli) geprogrammeerd. Zij is de artistieke programmacoördinator en curator van North Sea Round Town. Ze is actief betrokken binnen de internationale kunst- en cultuursector, met een focus op de internationale muziekindustrie.
Mieke van der Linden
Mieke van der Linden is creative producer bij de Doelen. Mieke maakte jarenlang programma’s bij RTV Rijnmond, was creative producer van het International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) en initiator van evenementen als de Dogparade010. Voor de online lunchbreaks gaat ze in gesprek met de artiesten.