In 2022, de Doelen will be hosting the Tech Congress – Immersive Tech Week

The 8th edition of VRDays Europe/Immersive Tech will be held at de Doelen in Rotterdam in November of next year: an interdisciplinary international multi-day congress where technology, art, education, healthcare and commerce meet. 

Partners de Doelen, VRDAYS and Laval Virtual are planning to pull out all the stops in 2022. We have managed to bring Immersive Tech Week to Rotterdam with the help of the municipality of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Partners and Venture Café.

Tech is everywhere: at work, in sports, entertainment, science, healthcare and business. We struggle to even imagine a world without it. In fact, our world is becoming more and more digital, and the immersive technology business is expected to flourish. 

Of course, being located at the center of the ever-dynamic city of Rotterdam, de Doelen and partners have got to join in on that fun. The congress will feature theme days, tutorials, debates, demos and a fair full of all the latest gadgets. 

Managing director Janneke Staarink: “De Doelen is going through a transitional period right now, and is looking to play a big part both internationally and in the city. As such, we are delighted to be bringing Immersive Tech Week to Rotterdam. It suits the city, and we are excited to be a host not just to tech gurus, but to artists and other creatives as well. After all, artists, poets and philosophers are going to be the ones helping us process all things immersive.”

Founder and festival director Benjamin de Wit: “The leap from Amsterdam to de Doelen in Rotterdam is coming at the exact right time. De Doelen is at the heart of society, and Rotterdam has it all: industry, innovation, Erasmus MC, a rich arts sector, international appeal, and an edge, a force, a drive to pioneer that you don’t see anywhere else.”



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