concert updates during and after the lockdown

We have poured our hearts into making our auditoriums corona-safe; and it worked. De Doelen is rated as "very safe" by the Safety Region. However, with the new national measures and the resulting force majeure situation, we are forced to move all performances in our halls, to continue in an adapted form or to cancel.

what happens now?
We will contact you personally as soon as there is news about the concert for which you have tickets. In case of cancellation or relocation we will refund the purchase amount if desired.

we ask for patience
Hereby a friendly request not to contact us by telephone or e-mail. In this way, our employees have the time to process the latest information as soon as possible and to contact you personally.

Keep an eye on this page for the latest updates & information.

will my concert take place?

In a few weeks the balance will be drawn up again and it will be known what the period after that will look like. We strictly follow the guidelines and if we have more information, we will inform you immediately.

from June 5, 2021: no corona test required
A limited number of programs will be open to the public again in the coming period. We can receive a maximum of 250 visitors and it is not necessary to show a negative test result at the entrance. View our calendar for an overview of programs that will continue.

In the meantime, we will continue with our livestream concerts and you can look back at all premieres on the Doelen Online.

more about a safe concert visit

canceled and postponed concerts

Click on the button below for the canceled and postponed concerts

canceled | delayed concerts

1.5 meters 

Maintaining the 1.5 meter distance has consequences for the feasibility of events. Read more below about the reasons why we had to move or cancel many concerts in the 2020-2021 season.

restrictions on stage and in the hall
The concert must be feasible with due observance of the 1.5 meter rule. The realization of this is accompanied by a number of restrictions on both the stage and in the hall: a maximum number of allowed artists on stage and the decor and a much lower number of visitors in the hall.

financial feasibility
Quite a few classical concerts in our series programming have been cancelled. Due to the current situation, De Doelen is in heavy weather, which means that these concerts are no longer financially feasible. Fortunately, a number of concerts can still take place. For example, we are busy looking for a suitable solution with ensembles and orchestras that are members of the NAPK (Dutch Association for the Performing Arts). There are also a number of concerts that will continue on the basis of partnerships.

international musicians
The concerts with international artists have been canceled due to possible travel restrictions, high costs and the limited number of seats in the 1.5 meter arrangement of the concert halls.

all measures are subject to changes


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