Keti Koti 2024

Cultural Fashionshow
  • Mon 1 Jul ’24
    13:00 - 20:00
    Hal Grote Zaal

From 13:00 to 20:00, de Doelen is dedicated to the cultural fashion show. Here various traditional costumes from Suriname, Africa and the Caribbean will be presented. There will also be various workshops such as the Mara lensu workshop from the Caribbean, the Angisa women from Suriname, and the Aso-oke/ Géle headscarf binding, from Nigeria. There will also be booths, music and a 360 video photobooth.

The event is an initiative of GVGT in cooperation with (Dia di Tula) Kadena Kibrá, Nigerian Women of Integrity Forum,Tailors & Wearers, and the Cape Verdean Batoek organization. 

Kadena Kibrà
For the Cultural Fashion Show project, they use the name Kadena Kibrà. This platform was established last year in connection with activities around Keti Koti. Kadena Kibrà literally means "broken chains," a translation of Keti Koti. 

Nigerian Women of Integrity Forum
The Nigerian Women of Integrity Forum is a membership organization of the United Nigerian Platform in the Netherlands, the umbrella organization for all Nigerians. Their goal is to showcase Nigeria's cultural diversity and represent all ethnic groups.

Tailors & Wearers
The Tailors & Wearers Foundation is an initiative of koto and angisa expert Jane Stjeward-Schubert, anthropologist Ella Broek and photographer Michelle Piergoelam. The goal of the foundation is to gather knowledge and organize information about Afro-Surinamese costume. By making this knowledge accessible, they want to contribute to the preservation and enlivenment of Afro-Surinamese costume as a cultural form.

Batuku é Nos Alma
Batuku é Nos Alma means "Batuku is our soul" and is a title taken from the famous poem by Nha Dunda, written by Kaberdiano Dambarà in tribute to Batuku. This composite group was formed in 2020 by members of several Batuku groups from Rotterdam. Their best-known song is "Rabenta Correnti," which means "Chains Broken."