North Sea Round Town
  • Thu 4 Jul ’24
    Studio 1 de Doelen Studio

With Niko you can expect a pleasing blend of indie melodies infused with a touch of 00's rock vibes and 70's glam aesthetics. The O.G.'s Nik van den Berg and Bas Prins birthed Niko during a 9 month sojourn in L.A. and are now accompanied by Anthony Koenn (FUZZY TEETH), Roos van Tuil (TAPE TOY) and Dries Verheesen. Their debut self-titled album was introduced to the world through a symphonic performance at a packed Royal Theater in collaboration with the Royal Conservatory on April 1st 2023. The singles "Pick Me Up" and "Shooting Star" paved the way for a well-received album release. These songs were showcased during a support tour for Son Mieux and attracted a large number of new listeners. Niko is gearing up for the release of a new album in March 2025 by dropping singles every other month. Also get ready for a brand new theater show in the following summer at Theaterfestival De Parade while they currently work on the music for a garage rock influenced movie by Isis Cabolet. Yes, this is a band with a theater show, a podcast (what?) and a filmscore. You better recognize <3 Look forward to polished off indie songs with backhanded lyrics and theatrical performances.