North Sea Round Town
  • Thu 11 Jul ’24
    Studio 1 de Doelen Studio

Y.O.P.E. is a band led by bassist Joop de Graaf known from bands like Brintex Collective, Imaginarium, Diana Dzhabbar Quartet, and Dandana. The band released their first EP ‘Lost But Here’ with drummer Luis Possollo on Wicked Wax in 2022. Even with Joop's studies in 2023, their project won the Conservatorium Talent Award and the Composition prize in May 2023. This push led to their debut album, "Peer Pleasure," set for a summer 2024 release.

The band, now a full ensemble with Anton de Bruin on keys, Luis Possollo on drums, Miguel Valente on sax, and Sam Peetermans as vocalist, envisions bridging the gap between dancefloor beats and live band performances. Their sonic journey promises a rich tapestry of musical exploration, blending instrumentals with lyrical compositions penned by Sam and Joop. At its core, their sound is a vibrant mosaic of electronic influences, with bass guitar and drums taking center stage in their improvisational storytelling, setting them apart from traditional solo-centric approaches.