Salon der Rotterdamse kunstenaars 1966/2024

The first art expo in the new Studio 2 de Doelen art
  • Sat 29 Jun ’24
    14:00 - 20:00
    via entree Schouwburgplein 52
    Studio 2 the Doelen Art

This is not the first time an exhibition has opened in de Doelen. The very first exhibition in Expositiezaal de Doelen, as the gallery was then called, took place from May 23 to June 19, 1966, in the same year as the opening of the building. Eighteen Rotterdam artists showed their work then. Two of these artists are still alive. Even when 88 and 94 years old, Woody van Amen and Trees Suringh still work on their art almost daily in their studios.

Now, 58 years later, we are opening another expo space in collaboration with CBK Rotterdam and Kunstuitleen Rotterdam. This time the eighteen Rotterdam painters of the time are joined by eighteen young, contemporary Rotterdam artists of various nationalities.

The exhibition Salon der Rotterdamse Kunstenaars 1966/2024 in de Doelen is a tribute to the first Exhibition Hall de Doelen (1966-1982) and is also a sales exhibition. Almost all the work is priced and for sale!

You can visit the expo from May 30th till July 13th.
Location: Studio 2 de Doelen art via entree Schouwburgplein 52