Balfolk with live music

Dance workshop and freestyle dancing with live music
  • Wed 26 Jun ’24
    Studio 1 de Doelen Studio

This edition, you can dance Balfolk to live music. The folks from Balfolk South-Holland will be hosting a dance workshop for beginners, while musicians can join in for a jam session.

Balfolk is a dance form that consists of a collection of West-European dances, both group and partner dances. Balfolk events always feature live music, creating a synergy between dancers and musicians, with having fun being more important than perfecting dance moves. You don't need a fixed partner; at a Balfolk event, you can ask anyone to dance, and anyone can invite you to dance. So come and join in!

Workshop for Beginners
Never danced Balfolk (or any dance) before? No worries! The evening kicks off with a workshop for beginners led by Balfolk South-Holland. This way, those who are new to Balfolk can get a taste of it and join in on the dance floor for the rest of the night.