Spill Gold

Expect psychedelic echoes, danceable rhythms and complex percussion layers
  • Sat 29 Jun ’24
    Studio 1 de Doelen Studio

Spill Gold
Between Amsterdam and Paris, Spill Gold has been working on a new album the past year. On May 17 their newest album ZaZa will be released on Teenage Menopause Records.

The duo Spill Gold blends drums, synths and vocals into a sonic journey that invites listeners to explore realms of energy exchange. Nina de Jong on drums and Rosa Ronsdorf on vocals and synths joined forces in a collaboration that transcends genres. The music of Spill Gold serves as a woven tapestry of (unheard) voices, inviting you to lean in. The result is a fusion of psychedelic echoes, danceable rhythms, and intricate percussive layers.  

Their newest album is a result of a need for hope that longs for an anti-anthropocentric and non-patriarchal world. The duo’s compositions navigate through cyclical patterns, echoing snakes biting their own skin, volcano’s starting to errupt, witches fingers that crumble towers and birds of steel and feather. They invite you into a world where the concept of ‘the first’ or ‘the best’ fades away and to join them on their musical journey with no clear beginning or end.