Dublin Legends - formerly The Dubliners

An evening with the greatest hits
  • Fri 13 Oct ’23
    Willem Burger Zaal
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Exciting songs and melancholic ballads

When The Dublin Legends take the stage, you can imagine yourself in an Irish pub within a few minutes. The beating heart of Ireland's towns and villages, where stories about tough sailors, fiery romances and unhappy loves circulate while enjoying a pint of Guinness or a good glass of whiskey. No band can create that authentic and infectious atmosphere with as much enthusiasm as the quartet of Seán Cannon, Gerry O'Connor, Shay Kavanagh and Paul Watchorn. The real folk fans may know the musicians better under the legendary name 'The Dubliners'. That name disappeared when Dubliners frontman John Sheahan retired in 2012, but the legend remains! Just like the insanely delicious pub atmosphere, which carries the listeners along with rousing songs and melancholy ballads, stomping and clapping.

The Dublin Legends bring Irish folk the way Irish folk is meant to be. Pure and raw from the heart. They don't need glittering sets and special effects to impress; good Folk carries itself. And the gifted foursome prove this time and time again when they set the hall on stilts with their enthusiasm and rhythm. 'Molly Mallone', 'Whiskey in the jar', 'Seven Drunken Nights', 'The Irish Rover' and 'Dirty Old Town', all classics that you just have to sing along with. Ten years after the 50th anniversary of the famous Dubliners, that famous name may be history, but the band has not lost a fraction of its unrivaled style. Folk with capital letters!