Club Key: Slow Balboa

workshop and dancing by Slowfeet Studio
  • Fri 13 Jan ’23
    de Doelen Studio

During Club Key an initiative or talent in the city gets the keys of de Doelen Studio and decides on the programme. On Friday 13 January we will put the vinyl back on and we will meet you guys on the dance floor! Deirdre and Mark from Slowfeet Studio give a dance workshop in Slow Balboa.

Slow Balboa is a playful and elegant partner dance from the 1940s to slow jazz music. It is a swing dance, just like the more famous Charleston and Lindy Hop. Although Slow Balboa was originally a romantic dance, today it is more about the connection you make with your partner and the music. Regardless of whether that's your partner, a vague acquaintance, or even someone you've never met. So dance along!

About Slowfeet Studio
The workshop is provided by Slowfeet Studio, a Rotterdam dance school that is completely specialized in Slow Ball. And that is quite special, because they are the only dance school in the world that is completely dedicated to this swing dance. For more information, visit

Maher's Kitchen
The evening always starts at 6 pm with the buffet of Maher's Kitchen: Syrian and Sicilian dishes from the Rotterdam top chef from Damascus. The Club Key programme starts around 8 pm.