COLUSCA: Der Seelen Paradies

Echoes from the Middle Ages
  • Sat 14 Jan ’23
    20:15 - 22:00
    doors open 19:15

Divine and earthly love in medieval music

In Der Seelen Paradies, Colusca lifts the listenaer above everyday life. The 800 year old music about earthly and heavenlylove highlights the 'paradise in the soul' As pilgrims who enter the church, Colusca slowly immerses the audience in the sensory and emotional levels of the celestial Hortus Conclusus: a garden full of comfort, in which the wonderous nature excites the five senses. Maria - Queen of Angels - reigns here with love and feeling.

'Men's soul, who owns paradise' is praised through Bernard de Ventadorn's song on flowers and herbs, the unicorn from the 13th century Jeanaer Liedermanuscript, the Codex Engelberg from the 15th century and a fairytale by Hans Arp. This is the motive to chase the timbres of life and seek the connection with the light of the Angels. We lift ourselves above the routine of every day through Hildegard von Bingen's vision of the 'Centre of Mysrteries' and her song for the Angels, which contains 800 years of wisdom.

Colusca is fascinated by the verdigris of the Middle Ages: if you rub it off, undiscovered musical treasures are exposed. The women's trio tackles the patine with voice, flute and vielle and exposes lyrics so modern they seem dadaistic at times. This way, the three specialists of early European music keep their music fresh and modern.