Les Itinérantes: Tristan & Isolde

Echoes from the Middle Ages
  • Sat 5 Nov ’22
    20:15 - 22:00
    doors open 19:15

The mystical legend 'Tristan and Isolde' makes the audience travel back to the Middle Ages. The story of two lovers, wandering over mountains and along oceans, fleeing from an enchanted orchard near a castle towards a wild and obscure forest. A story full of magic, love and cruel fate. The young French a capella trio Les Itinérantes sings and tells the tale in a gripping manner, using their vocal capacities to a maximum.

The inspiration for this concert was found in the combination of a text by claude Riot and music from medieval manuscripts. Les Itiniérangtes say farewell to the typical medieval sound. In this picturesque story - told alternately by a narrator and the singers - medieval Celtic music and music from various cultures around the glove are mixed. Next to that, you'll hear some other songs from the Middle Ages or early Renaissance. 

Les Itinérantes ('the Travellers') is formed by three young and energetic françaises, who effortlessly travel through the ages and continents of music history. During the performance they make use of subtle theatrical elements. A feast for the eye and the ear!