Carmina Burana

The International Symphony Orchestra (Lviv) & National Choir of Ukraine ‘Dumka’
  • Thu 8 Dec ’22
    20:15 - 22:40
    doors open 19:00
    Grote Zaal

The biggest performance of Carmina Burana ever

Together with Lviv’s International Symphony Orchestra and the Ukrainian national choir ‘Dumka’, conductor Raymond Janssen brings the biggest performance of Carmina Burana ever. Over 130 musicians perform the musical masterpiece by composer Carl Orff and honour his artistic heritage.

Partially thanks to the world famous ‘O Fortuna’, Carmina Burana is one of the most popular musical pieces in the world. During the 13th century, wandering monks ands students sang about the pleasure of love, booze and the vagrant lifestyle – in reaction to the stringent and pious ideals of the church. Orff used their texts in Latin and German as the basis for his Carmina Burana. The result is a powerful and rousing musical work that’s full of propelling rhythms.

Before the break, the orchestra plays among other things film music by Danny Elfman and John Williams. The programme will also feature music by Ukrainian composers Myroslav Skoryk and Mykola Lysenko.


Elfman Music from Spider-Man | Zimmer Gladiator Suite | Lysenko Taras Bulba | Williams Schindler's List, Dry your Tears Africa, Theme from Jaws | Skoryk Melody | Williams Hedwig's Theme en Harry's Wondrous World from Harry Potter | Orff Carmina Burana


International Symphony Orchestra (Lviv) | National Choir of Ukraine 'Dumka' | Raymond Janssen conductor | Veronica Anușca soprano | Valentin Roceveanu tenor | Iordache Basilic baritone | Eugene Kruk violin