Black Sea Songs
  • Wed 16 Nov ’22
    20:30 - 22:00
    doors open 19:30
    Eduard Flipse Zaal

Surprising jazz with influences from the Black Sea region

A Turkish singer/cellist from Trabzon on the coast (Kalfa), a guitarist/violist from Bacău in the Romanian interior (Dumitriu) and as a wild card a Flemish clarinetist/saxophonist from Antwerp (Badenhorst), three real characters with a longer joint musical practice, met in the city delta of The Lowlands to work on a variety of songs hailing from the Black Sea.

As they cleared the air to breathe in ten of these old songs they are close to, these three musicians let out a selection of Turkish, Georgian, Laz, Pontus-Greek and Tatar origin to receive enlightenment and brilliance.

"A jewel, this collection of traditional songs from the area around the Black Sea. Reed player Badenhorst and guitarist/violist Dumitriu are both masters in subtly coloring the music and enhancing its emotionality so unequivocally. And they give Sanem all the space it needs. Kalfa and her unforgettably clear voice."

Mischa Andrissen - Trouw


Sanem Kalfa singer/cellist | George Dumitriu guitarist/viola player | Joachim Badenhorst carinettist/saxophonist