Lilian Vieira & Millennium Jazz Orchestra

Bleeding Amazonia
  • Sat 8 Oct ’22
    20:15 - 22:30
    doors open 19:00
    Jurriaanse Zaal

An ode and tribute to the Amazon rainforest

Three Brazilian aspects are highlighted in this new crossover production by The Millenium Jazz Orchestra: the music, the poetry and nature. Texts by contemporary Brazilian poets are set to music with the demise of the Amazon rainforest as a central theme: an environmental disaster of unprecedented proportions, which will affect the entire world.

All songs are arranged by the conductor/composer/arranger Joan Reinders, who is known for his innovative composing style and exciting instrumentations.

The soloist in this program is the Brazilian singer Lilian Vieira (known for Zuco 103), who produces a beautiful timbre with her stirring, majestic voice. Her charismatic stage personality and great improvisational talent leave an indispensable mark on the performance.

The Millennium Jazz Orchestra will of course improvise captivatingly and lay the foundation of the show.

Vieira is such a singer who knows how to fill a stage so lavishly that you immediately give in

NRC Handelsblad


Before the break: important statement with "Bleeding Amazonia", a brand new composition by Joan Reinders especially written for the Jazz Orchestra and the vocalist. The composition is based on the texts of the poet and environmentalist Thiago de Mello, who comes from the Amazon region and has been campaigning for the preservation of the rainforest for decades.

After the break: well-known and lesser-known Brazilian classics by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Hermeto Pascoal and Milton Nasciemento, but also by the most famous South American composer Villa-Lobos. Think of Bossa Nova and exuberant Samba.


Millenium Jazz Orchestra conducted by Joan Reinders | Lilian Vieira zang