Alice Sara Ott 

piano recital: Echoes of Life 
  • Sun 4 Dec ’22
    Jurriaanse Zaal

German-Japanese pianist Alice Sara Ott belongs to the newest generation of star musicians at Deutsche Grammophon, the renowned classical music label. This honour is not for everyone. The Guardian confirms: “bravura performance of which legends are made”.  
In her solo recital, Ott goes one step futher and turns her personal reflection on Chopin’s 24 Preludes (for which she is applauded) into a contemporary multimedial Gesamtkunstwerk in which old and new repertory find each other effortlessly.   


in the beginning was | Tristano In The Beginning Was | Chopin preludes 1-4    
infant rebellion | Ligeti Musica Ricercata, I. Sostenuto  Chopin preludes 5-9    
when the grass was greener | Rota Valse | Chopin preludes 10-15    
no roadmap to adulthood | Gonzales prelude in Cis | Chopin preludes 16-18    
identity | Takemitsu Litany, I. Adagio | Chopin preludes 19-20    
a path to where | Pärt Für Alina | Chopin preludes 21-24    
lullaby to eternity | Ott Lullaby To Eternity (On Fragments of W.A. Mozart's "Lacrimosa") 


Alice Sara Ott piano | Hakan Demirel digital art installation