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Red Sofa Young

classical creators of today: Genevieve Murphy, Sabr Ensemble, Lip Stick Percussion Duo / Celia Swart
  • Wed 7 Dec ’22
    19:20 - 22:00
    doors open 19:00
    Jurriaanse Zaal
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All styles come together here and boundaries blur.

Twice a year, de Doelen presents Red Sofa Young: an evening in which contemporary contemporary makers are central. All styles come together here and boundaries blur. In this edition of Red Sofa Young, among others, Genevieve Murphy, Lip Stick Percussion Duo and the Sabr Ensemble. Keep an eye on this page for the full line-up.

I Don't Feel I Am At The Spot Where I Find Myself is a concept by composer, writer and performer Genevieve Murphy. She explores the topic of privacy and how we identify with certain places that help us express emotions, seek protection and disappear. Genevieve brings spoken word and sound together in a claustrophobic, disturbing, introverted, funny and subtle performance.

The Sabr Ensemble is a multicultural group, consisting of Farid Sheek, Maya Fridman, Doriene Marselje, Mohsen Maosumi and Soheil Shyesteh. With their unusual setting of daf, harp, cello, vocals and electronics, they connect different musical styles and cultural backgrounds: from Persian to Russian, from classical to contemporary. Together they create a unique sound. Sabr is Persian for 'patience', with the hope of better and more beautiful.

Composer, artist and saxophonist Celia Swart  won the Keep an Eye production prize for young, creative makers in 2021. With this prize she made a multimedia production about isolation and loneliness and the oppression and security that result: When we face, performed by Lip Stick Percussion Duo.

Genevieve Murphy's performance was developed with a microcredit from the Rizoom Foundation. Last year, the Rizoom Foundation approached eight makers from all over the country with the Microcredit Makers trajectory for microcredit. With this budget, the makers can conduct research into forms of new music. They show this research or work that they have made on the stages of the partners of Rizoom, of which De Doelen is one of them.
Rizoom is there for makers in contemporary music and everything related to it. As an individual or as a collective, self-taught or from an art training. In the future, new faces from Rizoom will be on the podium of the Doelen much more often.


Genevieve Murphy performance | Peter Leung choreography | Tom van der Borght costume

Sabr Ensemble
Farid Sheek daf | Maya Fridman cello | Mohsen Maosumi bass | Doriene Marselje harp | Soheil Shyesteh electronics and visuals

Lip Stick Percussion Duo
Maria Martpay and Laura Trompetter | percussion | Celia Black composition