The Black Mamba

Songfestival 2021 voor Portugal
  • Fri 21 Oct ’22
    Jurriaanse Zaal

The Black Mamba has it all: energetic, groovy, emotional and passionate

That's the best way to describe the songs of this Portuguese band. You probably know them from their hit song 'Love Is On My Side', with which the band took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021. A real world band that has already made a big name for itself in Spain, Brazil, the US and the UK, among others.

This year, The Black Mamba is preparing to release their 4th album "Last night in Amsterdam", an album inspired by the band's journey to Amsterdam and stories about city life in the 1970s. An album full of soul, funk, rhythm and blues, on which the songs “Love is On My Side”, “Crazy Nando” and “Sweet Amsterdam” can be heard.


The Black Mamba