Schubert's Tod und das Mädchen 

special: Patricia Kopatchinskaja & Camerata Bern 
  • Fri 21 Oct ’22
    20:15 - 21:15
    doors open 19:00
    Grote Zaal

An entire weekend of Patricia Kopatchinskaja – PatKop for short. Call her eccentric, call her out of the box, but one thing’s for sure: she is a phenomenon. She invites one of her favorite artistic partners, the top orchestra Camerata Bern, over to The Doelen. 

Patricia Kopatchinskaja’s genius lies both in the large outlinings and in the details. We start our PatKop weekend with Franz Schubert. Through his String Quartet no. 14 – nicknamed ‘The Death and the Maiden’ – Kopatchinskaja explores connections on the theme of death. Within this theme, hoewever, she combines compositions on a microscopic detail level. Rhythms subtly return, dance traditions throughout the ages rediscover each other. Eventually she braids everything together in a unity, where she stars in  countless different roles. Maybe she will even literally be the dancer – in the end this is PatKop, so you’ll never know.  

After the concert, you can join the talk with music journalist Joep Stapel and Patricia in the Grote Zaal hall.


Nörmiger Toden Tanz (arr. Michi Wiancko) | Anonymous Byzantine chant to Psalm 140 (arr. for solo violin Patricia Kopatchinskaja)| Schubert String Quartet no. 14, ‘der Tod und das Mädchen’ (arr. for string ensemble Patricia Kopatchinskaja) | Schubert Der Tod und das Mädchen (arr. for string ensemble and voice Michi Wiancko | Gesualdo Moro, lasso, al mio duolo from Madrigalenboek 6 | Kurtág Ligatura-Message to Frances-Marie (The Answered Unanswered Questionhel) op. 31b | Kurtás from 'Kafka-Fragmente', op.24


Camerata Bern | Patricia Kopatchinskaja artistic direction, concept, violin