Trifonov and Shani: Grand Finale

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Russian joys and sorrows versus The American Dream: this concert unites the best of two worlds.

Resounding brass, a wistful oboe solo and a euphoric climax for the full orchestra: Tchaikovsky’s Sixth showcases the full range of joys and sorrows in the best Russian tradition. Had Gershwin’s parents stayed in St. Petersburg, George would have been cast in the same mould. But they emigrated, their son encapsulated the American Dream in music, and now Russian master pianist Daniil Trifonov is the ideal interpreter. 

A genius of the piano… if you weren’t there, you won’t believe it

de Volkskrant about Daniil Trifonov


Copland fanfare for the common man | Gershwin piano concerto | Tsjaikovski symphony no. 6


Lahav Shani conductor | Daniil Trifonov piano