Honeck conducts Beethoven’s Fifth

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Fri 26 May ’23
    Grote Zaal

With fate at their heels, Beethoven and Schumann wrote their most indomitable music.

‘This is the sound of fate knocking at the door’, Beethoven is reputed to have said of the hammer blows at the start of his Fifth. True or not, Beethoven himself was unable to avoid fate: he became stone deaf. Nevertheless, his symphony radiates something invincible – just as Schumann’s Cello Concerto, written while insanity was at his heels, emanates a golden glow. As long as there’s music, there’s hope – that must be it.

You don’t often find yourself learning new things in Beethoven’s Fifth. That is what makes this such a special experience.

Presto Classical


MacMillan larghetto | Schumann cello concerto | Beethoven symphony no. 5



Manfred Honeck conductor | Kian Soltani cello