Music for Breakfast No. 5

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Breakfast concert on Sunday morning

Begin the day in an unhurried manner, enjoy a delicious breakfast and lovely music. An hour of pure gold for you and for each other on Sunday morning. Treat yourself to a musical breakfast put together by musicians of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. After you have enjoyed a delicious Sunday morning breakfast, they will lull you with calming Sunday morning music, but will also shake you awake with espresso shots of new music. Music for Breakfast – it promises to be an hour of pure magic!

The performance was beautiful, the presentation added extra listening pleasure: I enjoyed it from start to finish!



Boccherini quintet op. 39 no. 3 | Händel concerto grosso op. 6 no. 4  | Corelli concerto op. 6 no. 8


Violin Marieke Blankestijn | Violin Maria Dingjan | Viola Viola Innocenti | Cello Emanuele Silvestri | Double bass Robert Franenberg